Return on Investment

Investment in the Arab Stars Franchise guarantees return back on investment. This return back can be attained from the sponsorships and the investor’s personalized branding. Through projected Income it is assured that a new franchisee can expect to earn.

Staff or Team Members

The prospective owner will get the existing staff and there is the surety that these employees are available to stay with the business.


Investors are getting a whole audience and a new front for customers. This a business opportunity for the investors to get a new range of customers for their already existing businesses.

Recognizable Branding

Investment with the Arab stars will have a positive effect on the investor’s existing business as they will achieve a new front for recognizable branding of their business and products.


Graphic and responsive websites are also a part of the incentive pack. Our most talented website developers have formed a team to get the investor’s website up and running in record time.

Digital marketing

Investors will get the services of digital marketing with marketing automation, sales enablement, content management, SEO strategy, social media strategy and analytics.

About Us

U.A.E Arab Stars Feet Ball League is an initiative by the U.A.E Feet Ball Federation to promote and create new Feet Ball opportunities in U.A.E. It is founded in 2018 with 8 Franchises under its cover.Instead of operating as an association of independently owned teams, the league is a single entity in which each franchise is owned and controlled by investors.  


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