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What is IFBF?

The IFBF is the global governing body for FEET BALL. Representing 11 members, the IFBF governs and administrates the game and works with our members to grow the sport. The IFBF is also responsible for the staging of all IFBF Events.

What is IFBF accountable for?

The IFBF presides over the IFBF Code of Conduct, playing conditions, the Decision Review System and other IFBF regulations. The IFBF also appoints all match officials that officiate at all sanctioned international matches. Through the Anti-Corruption Unit it coordinates action against corruption and match fixing.

What is Feet Ball?

Feet Ball is a mixture of five games and carries many good features of those games.International Feet Ball invites all players and also those people who are interested to contact us. We are ready to render every help to them to play this game, a wonderful and thrilling sport which will nourish body and mind simultaneously.

How big is the Feet Ball pitch?

Pitch size will be 70 Mtrs by 40 Mtrs. Pole size of the feet ball will with the high of 7.6f length will be 16f with the depth of 3.5F.

There will be a wooden bar of 3f high fixed in the lower part of the pole.

How do you score in Feet Ball?

If a player hit to the wooden bar 3 scores will be awarded to the team, 2 scores will be awarded in case of hitting inside the net. Each half of the game will be of 35 minutes total time of match is 70 minuteness.

Feet Ball is the combination of what 5 games?

  1. Football
  2. Footsal
  3. Rugby
  4. Cricket
  5. Field Hockey

Where is IFBF headquarter?

We at IFBF Head Quarters in Spain well come all those who want to play or to know more about the rules, regulations of the game or want any other information related to us. Join and be a part of the family of sports’ loving people.

What countries are included in IFBF?


United Kindom

United Arab Emirates








How can I contact the IFBF administration?

Enter any query in the “contact us” section, and our representatives will contact you as soon as possible.

What are the ethical look outs?

The Developers of the game have kept in view certain very important points. At no stage the respect and honor of the player is overlooked rather respect and honor of player is especially taken care of. In the same way, respect of Officials is also held very essential for the players.

Strict observation of rules and regulations has been held quite obligatory for everyone attached to the game. Not only the game is interesting but its presentation has also been held very important which involves not only the players and officials but also the spectators

How can I join Feet Ball teams?

What are the similarities in Football and Feet Ball?

There is only one similarity between football/soccer and feet ball that both are playing with feet, many difference such as, each team of feet ball will comprise of nine players, pitch size will be 70 Mtrs by 40 Mtrs.

There are the term of score instead of goal in the game.

Will I get any help with staff recruitment and training?

All of the staff will be provided by the IFBF and yes they’ll continuously get the training by our management and staff.

How much control will I have over any ordering and choice of supplier?

1st time IFBF will provide everything up and running for a franchisee and then everything will be on them.

What happens if my business is not a success?

IFBF will do every possible thing to make this a successful business but for the safety point of view, everyone should insure his or her franchise.

How are online sales managed across the network?

Online ticketing option on arabstars.

How long is a franchise term?

5 years

How do franchisees connect with each other in the network?

Panel meetings

Annual evenings


Who will be the main point of contact for me as a franchisee?

Director of arabstar.

What’s the franchisee turnover rate?

As per settled contract.

Are there company owned units in the chain?


Who owns the intellectual property?

Remains with the Company

How experienced is the franchisor team?

Asian star champ

Pakistan asia cup

4 nation cup

india Pakistan league

and 1000s of practical matches on different levels.

How long will the business be franchised for?

First buying will make you the owner for 5 years with whole benefits.

How much money can I make in this franchise?

By a rough estimate, a single first event can be the source of 6 Cr income for each franchise.

How much will I need in operating capital reserves to cover losses after opening the franchise until it reaches the breakeven point in terms of cash flow?

Hopefully breakdown will breach in first event. First invest is on team selection and then training.

3M USD is hoped for 1st event invest by the IFBF.

What are the fees and royalties?

2M dollar

as mentioned

30% of tickets selling

What are the advantages of franchising?

The chief benefit of buying a franchise is the use of an established brand to market your business. When you start a new company from scratch, you generally have to put in a tremendous amount of effort into marketing, advertising and networking in order to achieve brand recognition and attract customers. Franchises, on the other hand, are already well known to the public and come with a built-in customer base, allowing you to save the money and effort you would spend just to get your name out there. You will also have the advantage of following a business model that has already proven successful, eliminating the trial-by-error method of developing your own system. Many franchisors also provide detailed guidance for establishing a management structure, solving problems and making decisions.

About Us

U.A.E Arab Stars Feet Ball League is an initiative by the U.A.E Feet Ball Federation to promote and create new Feet Ball opportunities in U.A.E. It is founded in 2018 with 8 Franchises under its cover.Instead of operating as an association of independently owned teams, the league is a single entity in which each franchise is owned and controlled by investors.  


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